Everybody sees people today who started company which are now one among the fast growing companies, no body understand the struggle and stories behind their success, where they came from and really what it takes to achieve success.
my stories starts like many others in this world, It start unfortunately growing up in a poor situation, I grow up in a wealthy area being poor and I think there is nothing worse in life growing up poor in the face of people having everything, it makes you really realize that you don’t have anything.
when you grow up in an area where nobody doesn’t have anything it’s kind of all on a level plain field, when you grow up in a wealthy area where everybody seems to have so much more than you, you know you don’t have as much as them, you know your parents don’t have as much as they have money, I realise I don’t have I realise what I wanted I make sure that from a very young age that I would succeed every goal I have dreamt off.
Till this day I’m thankful that I have to go through those experience because of those struggles and those hardships  that find me as a person, we need to sacrifice almost everything to achieve your goal, so when people say you are lucky, they don’t know what they are talking about, and people say that they will never achieve their goal, because luck as nothing to do with it, because I was that lucky I wouldn’t have fallen on my face so many times, I wouldn’t have failed so many times, I wouldn’t have so many sleepless nights, perseverance is the key to success and then when you succeed people are going to justify to you in a very simple way why you succeeded, I know what I’m capable of, I know what I’m going to do, I know what I want be, and nothing is going to  stop me I look at myself and say what else I wan a achieve and the answer is still the same, from when I was a kid I wana achieve greatness, In many people life I have achieved success but in my eyes It’s not enough I want to achieve greatness, that is my story in life, it was my story in the past, it will be story in the future. The ability to never give and to always know where I wana go, I will not let anybody to deter me from that goal, and i wouldn’t let anybody to discourage me from achieving my goals  

Manjunathan Sheshadri
Cell: +919632675346



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